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Need help with your swim?

You’ve found the right TRI SWIM COACH! 

Are you a Triathlete looking for swim help?

Working together, we will discuss 

  • Training and race history 
  • Identify appropriate milestones for the coming season
  • Develop a road map that will help you make achievements safely and effectively. 
  • Swim training focuses on drills and instruction to improve stroke, technique and overall fitness. 

Most importantly, meeting the goals of ALL the athletes I’ve worked with, ranging from beginners that want to complete a triathlon race or elite Ironman competitors. You will become a more efficient swimmer in the pool and open water while conserving valuable energy for the bike/run portion of your event. 

Open Water Swim Coach Kayak Escort

Open Water Swim has elements that are different from the pool. You will encounter fluctuating air and water currents, visibility issues, and other swimmers.

1 - 1 Open Water Swim coaching will cover wet-suit, anxiety tactics, swimming straight, sighting, drafting, water entry/exit, safety issues, and race strategies based on your abilities.  

1 - 1 Open Water Swim coaching is essential for any triathlete, especially if you have zero or limited open-water swim experience; the swim is often the most dangerous phase of your triathlon.

Triathlon Swim Training

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