Special Needs Swim Lessons in Albany

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After School Swim Lesson Program will resume in September 2018

What are the swim lesson in Albany like?

SERRAGO'S SWIMMERS SWIM PROGRAM Interview and news segment with News10 Albany and Jimmy Marlow click below


What is the objective of Serrago’s Swimmers special needs swim lessons in Albany?

Develop a positive exposure to water adjustment activities

Introduce water safety skills

Safe and effective use of flotation devices

Introduce supported movement

Strengthen and use new muscle groups

Swim Lessons are given @ Center of Disability Services pool  

314 South Manning Blvd. Albany NY

This pool was designed for the needs of everyone who comes to use the pool. Depths ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet, allow my clients to experiment and become comfortable easing themselves at their own discretion to deeper depths.  Ramps for transition from land to pool make the pool accessible for those in chairs, and the 94 degree pool temperature keeps one’s body temperature in a comfortable range during a lesson.