If you are concerned with the swim portion of your triathlon, you’ve found the right website. If you are new to triathlons or new to swimming in general, training is key.  To improve your performance, you must know three things: where you've been, where you want to go, and how you're going to get there.  If we begin to work together, you and I will discuss your training and race history, identify appropriate goals for the coming season, and develop a road map that will help you reach those goals safely and effectively.

Why do competitive swimmers swim lap upon lap with no effort? Hydrodynamics. That is, being streamlined and efficient in the water. Swimming constant laps is not the answer. Technique is what you will improve on if you take my one-on-one swim lessons. Better technique leads to improved economy (using less energy to achieve greater returns)! This is exactly what you will learn to incorporate into your stroke from Serrago's Swimmers.

Serrago’s Swimmers Training style

My training focuses on drills and instruction to improve stroke, technique and overall fitness. My approach will help you become a more efficient swimmer in the pool and open water. Your swim times will improve while conserving valuable energy for the bike/run portion of your event. I work with a wide range of athletes from the true novice to Ironman level. I also have the ability to draw the best out of each athlete by identifying and eliminating weak aspects while building on strengths. This has been proven time and time again by the accomplishments of athletes I’ve worked with, ranging from those simply completing a race to elite Ironman competitors.

In-Person Coaching

Whether it's a one-time consultation or ongoing in-person/remote coaching*, I will make you feel comfortable and effective in both the pool and open water.

Coaching in the Pool

Learning to swim begins in the relatively safe, controlled setting of the pool where you will learn skills to reduce your drag in the water. You will also increase your fitness level.  You will spend considerable time learning and refining skills with new drills to lock your new and correct movements into your muscle memory. Every incorrect or correct stroke takes you further away from or closer to swimming smooth. As with all of my programs, I offer you customized one-on-one coaching and virtual coaching, depending on your circumstance and training location.

*Local athletes can take advantage of in-person one-on-one sessions, while a wide array of options exist for clients nationwide, including online video analysis via Skype. (Please see Video Analysis Tab)

Open Water Coaching
(Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Swimming in open water is very different from the pool. There are fluctuating air and water currents, visibility issues, and other swimmers to watch out for. In addition to the technical adjustments required to adapt your perfected pool stroke and body position, you must overcome certain fears and become comfortable navigating the murky darkness of the water.

Serrago’s Swimmers’ one-on-one open water coaching will cover wet-suit, anxiety tactics, swimming straight, sighting, drafting, water entry and exit, safety issues, and race strategies based on your abilities.  The one-on-one open water swim coaching for triathletes is essential for any triathlete, especially if you have zero or limited open-water swim experience; the swim is often the most dangerous phase of your triathlon race. I want you to swim confident and safe.