Video Swim Analysis

Video Analysis will help increase your knowledge and understanding of your swim stroke and relationship with the water. In competitive swimming, video analysis has been around for quite some time. The best coaches in the world have utilized video analysis to improve stroke technique and help their swimmers perform at an optimal level. With today’s advanced technology, coaches have the ability to critically analyze all aspects of a swimmer’s mechanics. Having your technique analyzed by a professional TriSwim coach is the perfect way to identify and correct issues with your stroke mechanics. When we use Video Analysis, we will work one-on-one. In short, I will break down your swim stroke by identifying potential areas where you can improve and correct various stroke inefficiencies.

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Serrago’s Swimmers offers two different video analysis services:

1) In-person Video Analysis:

During this analysis, I will record your stroke during a pool session. The analysis will include both above and below the water shots. We will review the session together addressing bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses. Then, I will recommend and write up specific swim drills to bring to the pool in order to improve your stroke efficiency.

Cost: $60, Includes pool session (45-60 min)

2) Remote Video Analysis:

This type of analysis is for swimmers who cannot meet with me in person. If you have the ability to be filmed above and below the water (using a device such as an iPhone with a waterproof case), you can record your swim stroke and then send it to Serrago’s Swimmers. I will evaluate your stroke, set up a phone conference through Skype, and we can review my evaluation and drills for technique. I will point out key positions by using sample videos of elite swimmers. I’ll also recommend a dry land program to help issues with muscle imbalance. In turn, this will help improve technique and help you learn valuable insight that can be immediately applied to your stroke.

Cost: $45

*Need some pointers on how to record yourself? Read this blog for great tips!