Triathlon Swim Training

If you are confident in your technique, there is always room for improvement in other parts of your swim practice! Want to shave time off of your TriSwim? Then you need the right workout! I’ll get you ready to swim fast by designing your triathlon swim training workout. If you need a TriSwim workout program that will challenge you to get to the next level, then consider my services. I’ll write a custom Swim Training Program specific to your triathlon needs. From a simple sprint to Ironman distances, we will discuss your goals, create a monthly swim training plan, and then more importantly, track your progress! For this program, I will use the right mixture of volume/intensity to improve your speed, endurance, and strength depending on your chosen triathlon race distance. I will fine tune and work on race skills that you can bring to the open water such as race starts, drafting, sighting, pacing, and water exits to provide you with the confidence needed in the craziest leg of any triathlon, the swim. You choose the level of my involvement that best suits you. Whether in person coaching, check-ins via Garmin, phone or email, once I write your training plan I become directly involved in helping you reach your goals!

Improve your TriSwim training today!


If you’re a seasoned swimmer looking to swim a long-distance event, I can develop a month or season-long training plan that will give you the edge for success. I will evaluate your current training regimen, and then I’ll incorporate the same structure and methodology that helped me successfully compete as a Division I swimmer. Pricing depends on length of Triswim Training Plan, contact directly for further details.

Referral Policy:

The success of any business often depends on referrals. If you are satisfied and feel comfortable referring your friends/teammates to Serrago’s Swimmers so that they too can take advantage of this incredible learning environment, I will credit you with one 1-hour session! This applies when anyone lists you as a referral on their registration form and signs up for at least a three session package.