Meet the TriSwim Coach

As an accomplished TriSwim coach, I have a vast knowledge and expertise is in the sport of swimming. Along with my incredible passion for making you a stronger swimmer, I will also focus fully on bringing you to your fullest potential in the water.

My coaching style reflects the needs of my clients. My business involves sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my life as a competitive swimmer. My passion for competition and the water have driven me to swim throughout my life. Even in competitions against Olympic swimmers Jenny Thompson and Amy Van Dyken, my extensive racing experiences have helped me coach swimmers to their greatest potential. My experiences have given me patience and the ability to develop workouts so that they are understandable and manageable for various levels of swimmers.

While sharing my knowledge with others, I have developed many great relationships with triathletes in the Capital District. I started the YMCA “Learn to Tri” program here in Albany. It started small and with the right pool of interested participants, it grew, and I helped an entire community of athletes. After getting involved with the swimming community, I began to assist the Bethlehem Triathlon Club as the Water Safety Director. This important position involves keeping triathletes safe during their open water practice swim. In addition, I love to give lessons in the open water during the summer months.

Since the start of Serrago’s Swimmers, my mission statement has simply been this: “To give clients of all swimming abilities a sense of security in the water, while strengthening their skills.”

See what my clients are saying:

Known and have swam with Ashley for the last 17 years, always a motivator and helper to get the most from any and all your workouts. Inspires you to swim just that much faster or that much longer because if you don't she will, and that is a true statement not only in training but in her everyday life..

I've known Ashley for years and her can do attitude and motivation is infectious. I've been swimming for triathlon for 2 years and recently hit a plateau and struggled with technique. Ashley gave me easy to follow tips and focal points that I applied the very next day in the pool with awesome success!